Park Jung Min- Save Us Tonight Mini Album Review

The mini album breaks Jung Min’s long hiatus which lasted for about 2 years. This album is the antithesis of his previous Midnight Theatre album released by his alternate persona ROMEO. Midnight Theatre was filled with filled with plenty of guitar riffs and was dominated by dance tracks tinged with a rock flavor along with a few ballads. The album also showcased strong production by Jeff Miyahara who composed all the songs in the album. This album explores the happy and cute concept in contrast to the dark concept of his previous album. Though the album may not be as mind blowing as his previous albums, the album caters to the majority as it is easy to listen to some extent. Although the album may not be his best work as of yet, the album has it’s defining moments. Jung Min’s voice is definitely a pleasure to listen to. Please remember that I am reviewing the japanese version of the album. Now on to the review:-

1. Save Us Tonight- To sum it up, it’s a happy song and in a way, it is kinda generic. The guitar dominates throughout this track giving a acoustic feeling to the track. But as we listen to it many times, it becomes very interesting as we notice that the melodic verses are very nice showcasing Jung Min’s vocals. There is an attraction factor to the song which makes it fit to be the title track. The happy-go-lucky and jazzy nature of the song gives it a wider scope. The song is a winner if listened carefully and I do not have the heart to criticize a happy song like this as it’s so pleasant to listen to the song. The song has a hidden dynamism which separates it from most of the happy type songs and i enjoy it very much. This feel good track is surely a winner for me.

2. I Feel You-This track has the most dark feeling out of all the songs for some reason. This R&B flavored number is truly a winner for me, albeit a little repetitive. The song has a nice R&B beat going in the background and the verses start in a melodic and soulful manner. The song’s main strength lies in the delivery of the vocals. The smooth delivery of the vocals by Jung Min gives the song a relaxed and crystalline nature. The song is driven by the vocals with only a R&B beat in the background. The repetitive nature is the only irking factor about this song as it feels dragged out, but it is a strong track despite this single weakness.

3. Now- The track has the longest title written in Kanji. To me, This number is probably the best track in this album and is an instant winner on the basis of first listen. The song is dominated by an acoustic guitar similar to that of Save Us Tonight. The real distinguishing factor of this song is the melody and the song is very much unpredictable as the pre chorus and the chorus, which are the main highlights of the song, give a contrasting feeling and various elements combine together to produce a well polished track. The track’s execution also makes it all the more enjoyable as the instrumental is not very unique, but the melody and the vocal delivery gives us a track different than the others and assured in it’s delivery.

4. Two Of Us- This ballad is a fine one, but it may feel like an ordinary ballad to others. The track begins with Jung Min singing with his deep and rich vocals. The chorus of the song gives a heart wrenching feeling to the song. The song mainly shows Jung Min’s emphasis on emotions and the versatile nature of his voice. The song isn’t great like the previous tracks, but to me, this is better than the next track which is going to be reviewed. The song’s sincerity shines and touches the heart of the listener.

5. Feel It- The song gives a playful feeling and the song is tinged with rockish and electronic elements. The song is quite different from most of the songs, but it is kinda messy in it’s arrangement. To be honest, this song needs some listens to get used to. The vocals are all around the place giving a confused feeling. The song only gains some tempo by the second half of the song and the song’s first half makes everything very much confusing. The song’s use of various elements makes it look like an experimental track. The song has good melodic parts, but it just feels like a mash up of various elements. But, this makes it an interesting track and it is certainly unpredictable.

That’s it for my review of the album and the album gives a new dimension to Jung Min’s versatility. The album is interesting and really nice to listen to .



    1. Thank You very much for your comment. I really appreciate it. I guess I will be done with my “Alive” review by next week. Once again, thanks for your nice comment. I hope that you checked my “kimi wo mamoritai” review. That’s one of my favorite Romeo songs. Its a work of art.

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