Month: December 2014

Song Review- Kimi Wo Mamoritai By Romeo

I guess I had gotten busy with school, so I hadn’t been able to keep up with my blog. So, this marks my official return. Now to get to the review. Kimi Wo Mamoritai has a really exquisite and beautiful melody which is its major strength. The melody has a smooth and fleeting nature with dynamism. The arrangement provides a medium for that melody to exhibit its fleeting nature and the production quality is excellent. The vocals of Romeo play an important role in conveying the tone and emotions of the song. The melody is executed in a graceful manner with the chorus melody being a bit sonorous. The beautiful lone piano sets the tone at the beginning with slight beats joining with the vocals. The verses start out in a slow manner and slowly pick up pace. Finally, the vocals soar at the chorus. I must say the middle 8 is absolutely gorgeous. It has that emotional depth along with a change in the repetitive melody leading to the fleeting melody of the chorus. This song is definitely worth a listen and this calming ballad will definitely give us a moment of relaxation, so we can gear up ourselves to return to our daily lives.