Mini Album Review- Fate(s) By Gummy

Finding gems in the music world is like going on a huge hunting spree. Especially in a genre as versatile and varied as pop music, it is truly difficult to find a true one. A point to note is that the worth of an album is not measured by the number of songs(it’s always nice if it’s more though), but it is measured by their quality and the painstaking work done on it to produce it as a masterpiece. Fate does just that. With a handful of just 5 songs, it manages to deliver beautiful songs filled with substance. The material needs to have a competent singer to handle the material given and gummy is no rookie in singing. A fantastic album filled with pop,jazz influenced and R&B numbers. The production by Jeff Miyahara( who works with Romeo(Park jung min) and gives tremendous songs for him as well) is amazing to say the least. The songs are composed really well and it was a first class effort in bringing together this beautiful masterpiece. I have so much to say about this album and I guess I should start the actual review now.

1.All For Love- What an introduction to this novel of a mini album. All for love possesses compelling elements interwoven beautifully.The jazzy flavor of the drum beats and the flowing piano lines provide a moving instrumental which avoids stagnation. All for love is all about the flow rather than the moment. It goes on with confidence and ends with grandeur. The vocals are very confident and mesh well with the song. The song is also dependent on the delivery. Gummy’s fleeting lines with the moving instrumental give rise to an amazing product. Another nice extra is that the drums sound real than synthesized ones. The middle 8 is step by step into elegance and leads to a final explosion into the hooky chorus.The song never hits you over the top and the vocals are controlled to not overpower the material. Amazing opener. That’s it.

2. Answer- There has to be some rock and pop elements in a Jeff Miyahara composed song. This sounds like a Romeo song with its rocky texture filled with synths, drum beats and electric guitars. A truly amazing track with a terrific melody. With a slow start at the verses, it leads to the melodic pre chorus and then explodes subtly in the chorus. The production in this track is amazing. These dance influenced rock songs with a killer melody and strong beats prove to be the perfect combination. Flawless vocal and composition is at work here. The middle 8 is stripped down to just a lone piano line joined by beats at the end and explodes into the final chorus. The song is truly one of Jeff Miyahara’s prominent pop rock numbers.

3. Shinjiteru(Believe)- The lead track of the album. It sets the theme for this album and what it stands for. That is perfection. The song is a R&B influenced power ballad. The piano laden verses provide a smooth ambience for the energy to rise up to the powerful chorus. The song smoothly progresses and pushes Gummy’s vocals to the upper strata.The light beats with the bells give the arrangement some nice embellishments, but it is the melody which is the true “gem” here. Here comes that word again. The high notes are phenomenal and emotional. Its a song which I cried listening to and I am not a person to cry while listening to songs as you could say that I don’t get emotive too easily. But seriously, Gummy has got some killer vocal cords to belt out such amazing high notes. The energy and power is seriously high level in her voice. As an extra point, she looks pretty in the music video, but those looks come with a beautiful timbre capable of belting notes which are out of this world. I guess “never judge a book by its cover” is true after all.A true ballad and a real good one. Great lead song.

4. Ano Hi Ni Sasete( Let Me On This Day)- A beautiful piano ballad devoid of any other instruments. The sombre feeling and the melancholy sets the tone of the song. The faint and whispering vocals give a tender and delicate feeling to the song. The previous songs showed complexity in instrumentation. Now, all the embellishments have been removed to show Gummy’s true worth as a vocalist. After a series of heavy songs, we are able to slow down a bit and recognize the true beauty of this album which is none other than Gummy’s voice. The song is simple and straight to the point. The soothing melody filled with emotions is noteworthy. However, the middle 8 provides the setting for a greater vocal performance. But, I must once more commend Gummy’s emotions in this song as they were really touching. It’s as if one could feel it. Apart from the music, it showed the necessity of emotions in a song. A really beautiful song indeed.

5. Shinai Naru Kimi E(To You Dear) Featuring D-LITE(Daesung From Bigbang)-
Finally, a collaboration with Daesung. His rich tone meshed well with Gummy’s vocals here. The song is mainly jazz influenced infused with acoustics. An acoustic guitar, some piano and drums are prominently used. It’s a nice duet with a classic harmony and synchronization. The chorus reflects their harmonization and they definitely work together well. The synched chorus gives a saccharine feeling to the song and turns out quite well. To be honest, I am not a great fan of jazz and don’t enjoy it much. There have been some instances like this album, TVXQ’s albums,Code-V’s albums, Shinhwa’s albums and Junsu’s albums(JYJ) where I have appreciated jazzy songs to name a few. The relaxed feeling sets the finishing point of the album telling us that happiness is a feeling derived from music as well. It also shows the importance of harmonization and allows us to look at music from a wide perspective. EDM songs with electro pop, techno and autotune aren’t the only good songs around. The album ends with a happy note and is a pretty good conclusion to this amazing master piece.

To every story, there is an epilogue and it is time to write mine. The album combined old school and the latest trends perfectly. The 1st track shows the necessity of an decent arrangement and composition. The 2nd track shows us the way to follow the latest trend of music with its rock influence and shows emphasis on melody. The 3rd track combines these two factors to create an ethereal melody and a stunning composition. It shows how complex instrumentation with a strong melody, amazing production and vocal layering can really do wonders. The 4th track shows the soul and emotions of the singer with an emotive melody consisting of a bare and stripped down arrangement. The emotions and feelings takes the song to the next level. The 5th song gives us the image that music is universal which spreads happiness and it is a feeling obtained from music. The scope of music should not only be restricted to modern trends, but should also try to improve by acknowledging the variety it encompasses.

This was my own interpretation of this album though it may not be fully correct. This was an amazing album and enjoying it by listening to it again is a great pleasure indeed. I highly recommend this album.

Rating- 5/5

These are my views only and you are subject to your own difference of opinion and it is fine as long as it isn’t insulting my opinion.


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