Park Jung Min(Single Review)- Kimi Iro

Park Jung Min is always known for his multifaceted talent and versatile vocals which suit tearjerking ballads to intense rock numbers. His voice is something unique and easily distinguishable. To get to the point, any song sung by Jung Min would be amazing due to his voice, but to judge the material on his albums, I need to forget Jung Min’s beautiful voice for a moment to truly know the worth of the material he releases. But, Kimi Iro is a song where the material is highly competent and beautiful. The rock edges given during live concerts accentuate the beauty of the given song. To be honest, his ”Winter Love” mini album was not mindbreakingly awesome like his previous works, but it had a few songs which were true gems. I guess that adds to my list of reviews. Well, I am going to write a review for that mini album soon since my senior year exams are over. Now, its time to get to the review of the song.

1. Kimi Iro- Kimi Iro is a beautiful song which is most probably my favorite Park Jung Min song and is in competition with Ai Wo Kudasai(Please,Give Me Love) by him. Kimi Iro starts with a background filled with strings and the chimes of tinkering bells which gives us the premonition of what is to come. The most amazing thing is that Kimi Iro has a myriad of elements interwoven beautifully into it and the melody is gorgeous. The song has a steady drum beat which guides the subtle verses. The piano lines take over in the pre-chorus which leads to the grand chorus. The chorus melody has direction and that depth which works well. Japanese production works very well in songs like these. Compared to korean production, japanese production is much more crisp and the defining elements in the arrangement are very clear. The fluttering piano lines have constant variation and the strings play a medley by perfectly integrating together. Jung Min’s vocals play an important role by exhibiting the emotions required by the song. The tinkering bells are some of the embellishments normally seen in japanese production which add to the depth of the song. The verses provide a strong foundation for the subdued instrumental which increases in tempo a bit later. Normally, songs go for a vocal styled arrangement where the chorus instrumental is subdued, but in this case, the instrumentals soar and the vocals go for a subdued and melodic approach with only the necessary power given during the right times. The melodic middle 8 shows an increase in Jung Min’s vocal range leading to the emotionally charged final chorus. The song’s composition and melody is top notch. The transitions are perfect and Minnie knows what to do with this song and takes charge in his own and beautiful way. The reason why I prefer live performances is because of the rock styled instrumental which is seen. The drum beats are more prominent which give it better tempo and power than the studio recording. The highlighted instrumentation and Jung Min’s vocal melodious vocals synchronize harmoniously to give us this wonderful masterpiece.

Rating- 5/5 (Highly Recommended)

My next review would be Winter Love and I guess I need to analyze “Alive” a little bit more to review it.


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