Romeo Non Album Songs Review

Hello everyone. My “winter love” mini album review draft got accidentally deleted. So, its going to take some time to rework on that. Today, I will be reviewing “Dream Out Loud” and “Taste The Fever”. Both of these songs were only released in singles and not in the ”Midnight Theatre” album. Now, lets go on to the review.

1. Dream Out Loud-  ”Dream Out Loud is a poignant and ethereal ballad. The song starts out with continuous piano lines leading to the haunting verses. The song never hits you in the face and is very subtle. The song shows some powerful vocal range at the necessary times. The upbeat chorus melody sounds very positive and is fantastic. The song leads to the addition of strings, beats and bells in the arrangement. The arrangement sounds so unified despite the various elements. The song is filled with positive vibes which is noted in the poetic lyrics. Romeo’s voice really soars in the chorus and is really soft in the verses. The chorus and the verses provide a nice juxtaposition and create a contrast. The song never loses the essence of having a strong melody and every transition is perfect. The melody was constructed with great thought. The middle 8 is not anything out of the world, but it slows down the pace for the upbeat final chorus to work its magic. The song possesses a great melody and an intricate instrumental which basically complement well to create an amazing song.

2. Taste The Fever-  ”Taste The Fever” is a prime example of a dance track being done right. The song possesses a terrific melody and an eerie instrumental. The song is synth heavy and is filled with catchy beats. The verses are pretty eerie and ethereal. The pre-chorus adds a bit more grit to the melody. The chorus melody is amazingly catchy and epic. The song will really get you on the dance floor. Apart from the synths and beats, the electric guitars add a bit more spunk to the song. The middle-8 is especially heavy with electric guitars. The middle-8 starts out melodically which leads to an amazing high note. This leads to the final chorus which is all the more powerful and catchy. This might be my most favorite dance track from Romeo as of yet . ”Taste The Fever” combines an fantastic melody with an eerie and catchy instrumental. Romeo is able to provide the versatile vocals for this track and a confident delivery accentuates the song’s credibility. ”Taste The Fever” is able to combine the best of 2 important qualities. Many songs have a tendency to be commercial which leads to a bland melody and instrumental. The other genera is that the song has a  strong melody and arrangement, but it has no public appeal. ”Taste The Fever” has a great melody and instrumentation for a dance track. It is also amazingly catchy and appeals to the wider audience. This proves ”Taste The Fever’s” mettle as a dance track.

That’s it for my review. Now, it’s time to analyze music albums for much better reviews. I will write my next review as soon as possible.



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