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Tohoshinki- Sakuramichi(Single Review)

Its been a long time. I had been on a short hiatus due to my trip to japan. It was an amazing trip indeed. I decided to review Sakuramichi today because I heard this song at Daiso Harajuku and I was so happy to hear one of my favorite groups. Tohoshinki have had a long journey filled with worthy accolades and painful struggles. The duo had restarted Tohoshinki to its second act which is at its end. With Yunho’s military service in a few months, Tohoshinki’s future and its return to reignite its third act will take some time. From Tone to Time to Tree and to With, there lies a legacy created by the twin tohoshinki. Apart from breaking records, they have shown great effort in standing up against the difficulties. So, what does this have to do with my review? Many of you might be thinking of this question. Till now, “Tohoshinki” has not found a niche genre of music as of yet. But, “Tohoshinki” has been able to take the trend and make it their own. That is their ability. But, “Sakuramichi” provides a definite standpoint that they will always excel at ballads. From various comebacks, the ballads have never ever diminished away from any of their albums. Is it because they will become ballad singers in the future? Not necessarily. From the advent of “Tohoshinki”, their prowess is something which has only improved and there is no other greater way to show it than 2 good quality ballads which they have always performed well. “Tohoshinki” will be a name which will be a legacy to catch up to in the future. That will never change and “Sakuramichi” proves testament to that.

1. Sakuramichi- Being Tohoshinki’s last japanese single before their enlistment and the single for their 10th anniversary in japan, Sakuramichi is a hallmark in their career. It was introduced as the spring graduation song for the sakura season  and its theme is about facing difficulties with a positive attitude. It was penned and composed by Katsuhiko Yamamoto. The song is a very emotional one with very expressive vocals and a smooth delivery. Tohoshinki definitely nailed this ballad showing their prowess and how far they came in 10 years. The song starts out with clear harmonization and a gentle piano. The melody is beautiful and touches the heart. As the song progresses, a steady R&B beat is added with the inclusion of bells and strings towards the end. The song shows Tohoshinki at their best with their wonderful vocals complimenting the song. The production is very clean and strong. The middle 8 changes the song’s pace and leads to the emotional final chorus. This is one of their better ballads in their discography. Unlike Chandelier, there was a clear exhibition of emotions. Even though Changmin is not really suited for ballads, he showed an exceptional performance and Yunho did well as usual. Sakuramichi was a very good ballad with a beautiful melody and arrangement. So, nothing can go wrong with a true and tested formula. With an emotional piece of art, tohoshinki bid a temporary farewell to the japanese market and promise to return back.

2. Kimi No Inai Yoru- The B-side to Sakuramichi is also a piano and strings ballad. The song has a sombre mood with toned down verses leading to an emotional chorus. Changmin does a decent job here and Yunho does good here too. It is very similar to Sakuramichi in sound, but Sakuramichi is the better ballad. They give us an emotional performance with good harmonies and they slow down the vocal pace to show their feelings while singing. It sounds very genuine indeed. It is a standard ballad while looking at it objectively and they did well. The middle 8 was nothing spectacular and the final chorus is all the more emotional. The song ends with an emotional and lingering note with “Wish upon a star”.

With this, the review of Tohoshinki’s last single “Sakuramichi” ends. Sakuramichi was a spectacular ballad and showed their amazing vocals with a good melody and arrangement. Kimi No Inai Yoru was a decent ballad, but nothing out of the ordinary. Tohoshinki officially launched their 2 year hiatus after the release of this single with an very apt theme which also addressed their upcoming hiatus. Tohoshinki will be back and it’s just a matter of time till we wait for their return. They also released their 8th korean album “Rise as god” as a gift for their fans.As for the single, it’s a pretty good one, so it’s time to wait for their grand return in the upcoming future for better music and concerts.

Song Rating-

Sakuramichi- 4.5/5

Kimi no inai yoru- 3/5

Total Score- 7.5/10


Romeo Non Album Songs Review

Hello everyone. My “winter love” mini album review draft got accidentally deleted. So, its going to take some time to rework on that. Today, I will be reviewing “Dream Out Loud” and “Taste The Fever”. Both of these songs were only released in singles and not in the ”Midnight Theatre” album. Now, lets go on to the review.

1. Dream Out Loud-  ”Dream Out Loud is a poignant and ethereal ballad. The song starts out with continuous piano lines leading to the haunting verses. The song never hits you in the face and is very subtle. The song shows some powerful vocal range at the necessary times. The upbeat chorus melody sounds very positive and is fantastic. The song leads to the addition of strings, beats and bells in the arrangement. The arrangement sounds so unified despite the various elements. The song is filled with positive vibes which is noted in the poetic lyrics. Romeo’s voice really soars in the chorus and is really soft in the verses. The chorus and the verses provide a nice juxtaposition and create a contrast. The song never loses the essence of having a strong melody and every transition is perfect. The melody was constructed with great thought. The middle 8 is not anything out of the world, but it slows down the pace for the upbeat final chorus to work its magic. The song possesses a great melody and an intricate instrumental which basically complement well to create an amazing song.

2. Taste The Fever-  ”Taste The Fever” is a prime example of a dance track being done right. The song possesses a terrific melody and an eerie instrumental. The song is synth heavy and is filled with catchy beats. The verses are pretty eerie and ethereal. The pre-chorus adds a bit more grit to the melody. The chorus melody is amazingly catchy and epic. The song will really get you on the dance floor. Apart from the synths and beats, the electric guitars add a bit more spunk to the song. The middle-8 is especially heavy with electric guitars. The middle-8 starts out melodically which leads to an amazing high note. This leads to the final chorus which is all the more powerful and catchy. This might be my most favorite dance track from Romeo as of yet . ”Taste The Fever” combines an fantastic melody with an eerie and catchy instrumental. Romeo is able to provide the versatile vocals for this track and a confident delivery accentuates the song’s credibility. ”Taste The Fever” is able to combine the best of 2 important qualities. Many songs have a tendency to be commercial which leads to a bland melody and instrumental. The other genera is that the song has a  strong melody and arrangement, but it has no public appeal. ”Taste The Fever” has a great melody and instrumentation for a dance track. It is also amazingly catchy and appeals to the wider audience. This proves ”Taste The Fever’s” mettle as a dance track.

That’s it for my review. Now, it’s time to analyze music albums for much better reviews. I will write my next review as soon as possible.


Park Jung Min(Single Review)- Kimi Iro

Park Jung Min is always known for his multifaceted talent and versatile vocals which suit tearjerking ballads to intense rock numbers. His voice is something unique and easily distinguishable. To get to the point, any song sung by Jung Min would be amazing due to his voice, but to judge the material on his albums, I need to forget Jung Min’s beautiful voice for a moment to truly know the worth of the material he releases. But, Kimi Iro is a song where the material is highly competent and beautiful. The rock edges given during live concerts accentuate the beauty of the given song. To be honest, his ”Winter Love” mini album was not mindbreakingly awesome like his previous works, but it had a few songs which were true gems. I guess that adds to my list of reviews. Well, I am going to write a review for that mini album soon since my senior year exams are over. Now, its time to get to the review of the song.

1. Kimi Iro- Kimi Iro is a beautiful song which is most probably my favorite Park Jung Min song and is in competition with Ai Wo Kudasai(Please,Give Me Love) by him. Kimi Iro starts with a background filled with strings and the chimes of tinkering bells which gives us the premonition of what is to come. The most amazing thing is that Kimi Iro has a myriad of elements interwoven beautifully into it and the melody is gorgeous. The song has a steady drum beat which guides the subtle verses. The piano lines take over in the pre-chorus which leads to the grand chorus. The chorus melody has direction and that depth which works well. Japanese production works very well in songs like these. Compared to korean production, japanese production is much more crisp and the defining elements in the arrangement are very clear. The fluttering piano lines have constant variation and the strings play a medley by perfectly integrating together. Jung Min’s vocals play an important role by exhibiting the emotions required by the song. The tinkering bells are some of the embellishments normally seen in japanese production which add to the depth of the song. The verses provide a strong foundation for the subdued instrumental which increases in tempo a bit later. Normally, songs go for a vocal styled arrangement where the chorus instrumental is subdued, but in this case, the instrumentals soar and the vocals go for a subdued and melodic approach with only the necessary power given during the right times. The melodic middle 8 shows an increase in Jung Min’s vocal range leading to the emotionally charged final chorus. The song’s composition and melody is top notch. The transitions are perfect and Minnie knows what to do with this song and takes charge in his own and beautiful way. The reason why I prefer live performances is because of the rock styled instrumental which is seen. The drum beats are more prominent which give it better tempo and power than the studio recording. The highlighted instrumentation and Jung Min’s vocal melodious vocals synchronize harmoniously to give us this wonderful masterpiece.

Rating- 5/5 (Highly Recommended)

My next review would be Winter Love and I guess I need to analyze “Alive” a little bit more to review it.

Mini Album Review- Fate(s) By Gummy

Finding gems in the music world is like going on a huge hunting spree. Especially in a genre as versatile and varied as pop music, it is truly difficult to find a true one. A point to note is that the worth of an album is not measured by the number of songs(it’s always nice if it’s more though), but it is measured by their quality and the painstaking work done on it to produce it as a masterpiece. Fate does just that. With a handful of just 5 songs, it manages to deliver beautiful songs filled with substance. The material needs to have a competent singer to handle the material given and gummy is no rookie in singing. A fantastic album filled with pop,jazz influenced and R&B numbers. The production by Jeff Miyahara( who works with Romeo(Park jung min) and gives tremendous songs for him as well) is amazing to say the least. The songs are composed really well and it was a first class effort in bringing together this beautiful masterpiece. I have so much to say about this album and I guess I should start the actual review now.

1.All For Love- What an introduction to this novel of a mini album. All for love possesses compelling elements interwoven beautifully.The jazzy flavor of the drum beats and the flowing piano lines provide a moving instrumental which avoids stagnation. All for love is all about the flow rather than the moment. It goes on with confidence and ends with grandeur. The vocals are very confident and mesh well with the song. The song is also dependent on the delivery. Gummy’s fleeting lines with the moving instrumental give rise to an amazing product. Another nice extra is that the drums sound real than synthesized ones. The middle 8 is step by step into elegance and leads to a final explosion into the hooky chorus.The song never hits you over the top and the vocals are controlled to not overpower the material. Amazing opener. That’s it.

2. Answer- There has to be some rock and pop elements in a Jeff Miyahara composed song. This sounds like a Romeo song with its rocky texture filled with synths, drum beats and electric guitars. A truly amazing track with a terrific melody. With a slow start at the verses, it leads to the melodic pre chorus and then explodes subtly in the chorus. The production in this track is amazing. These dance influenced rock songs with a killer melody and strong beats prove to be the perfect combination. Flawless vocal and composition is at work here. The middle 8 is stripped down to just a lone piano line joined by beats at the end and explodes into the final chorus. The song is truly one of Jeff Miyahara’s prominent pop rock numbers.

3. Shinjiteru(Believe)- The lead track of the album. It sets the theme for this album and what it stands for. That is perfection. The song is a R&B influenced power ballad. The piano laden verses provide a smooth ambience for the energy to rise up to the powerful chorus. The song smoothly progresses and pushes Gummy’s vocals to the upper strata.The light beats with the bells give the arrangement some nice embellishments, but it is the melody which is the true “gem” here. Here comes that word again. The high notes are phenomenal and emotional. Its a song which I cried listening to and I am not a person to cry while listening to songs as you could say that I don’t get emotive too easily. But seriously, Gummy has got some killer vocal cords to belt out such amazing high notes. The energy and power is seriously high level in her voice. As an extra point, she looks pretty in the music video, but those looks come with a beautiful timbre capable of belting notes which are out of this world. I guess “never judge a book by its cover” is true after all.A true ballad and a real good one. Great lead song.

4. Ano Hi Ni Sasete( Let Me On This Day)- A beautiful piano ballad devoid of any other instruments. The sombre feeling and the melancholy sets the tone of the song. The faint and whispering vocals give a tender and delicate feeling to the song. The previous songs showed complexity in instrumentation. Now, all the embellishments have been removed to show Gummy’s true worth as a vocalist. After a series of heavy songs, we are able to slow down a bit and recognize the true beauty of this album which is none other than Gummy’s voice. The song is simple and straight to the point. The soothing melody filled with emotions is noteworthy. However, the middle 8 provides the setting for a greater vocal performance. But, I must once more commend Gummy’s emotions in this song as they were really touching. It’s as if one could feel it. Apart from the music, it showed the necessity of emotions in a song. A really beautiful song indeed.

5. Shinai Naru Kimi E(To You Dear) Featuring D-LITE(Daesung From Bigbang)-
Finally, a collaboration with Daesung. His rich tone meshed well with Gummy’s vocals here. The song is mainly jazz influenced infused with acoustics. An acoustic guitar, some piano and drums are prominently used. It’s a nice duet with a classic harmony and synchronization. The chorus reflects their harmonization and they definitely work together well. The synched chorus gives a saccharine feeling to the song and turns out quite well. To be honest, I am not a great fan of jazz and don’t enjoy it much. There have been some instances like this album, TVXQ’s albums,Code-V’s albums, Shinhwa’s albums and Junsu’s albums(JYJ) where I have appreciated jazzy songs to name a few. The relaxed feeling sets the finishing point of the album telling us that happiness is a feeling derived from music as well. It also shows the importance of harmonization and allows us to look at music from a wide perspective. EDM songs with electro pop, techno and autotune aren’t the only good songs around. The album ends with a happy note and is a pretty good conclusion to this amazing master piece.

To every story, there is an epilogue and it is time to write mine. The album combined old school and the latest trends perfectly. The 1st track shows the necessity of an decent arrangement and composition. The 2nd track shows us the way to follow the latest trend of music with its rock influence and shows emphasis on melody. The 3rd track combines these two factors to create an ethereal melody and a stunning composition. It shows how complex instrumentation with a strong melody, amazing production and vocal layering can really do wonders. The 4th track shows the soul and emotions of the singer with an emotive melody consisting of a bare and stripped down arrangement. The emotions and feelings takes the song to the next level. The 5th song gives us the image that music is universal which spreads happiness and it is a feeling obtained from music. The scope of music should not only be restricted to modern trends, but should also try to improve by acknowledging the variety it encompasses.

This was my own interpretation of this album though it may not be fully correct. This was an amazing album and enjoying it by listening to it again is a great pleasure indeed. I highly recommend this album.

Rating- 5/5

These are my views only and you are subject to your own difference of opinion and it is fine as long as it isn’t insulting my opinion.

Album Review- JYJ Wake Me Tonight

After a long time (almost 3 years I guess), JYJ has released their debut japanese single under Brand New Music. Well, let me congratulate them first. Now that the formalities are out of the way. It’s time to introspect into this single and it’s worth in proving JYJ’s mettle. There was one thing which put me a bit off at first. After making the japanese market wait so long, they could have released a full length album or could have at least included 3 more songs in this single. They could have tried so much like a heart wrenching ballad, but in the end, we get only 2 songs with one original song “Wake Me Tonight” and the other one being the japanese version of “Backseat”. For god’s sake, please make a better MV.Now, it’s time to start the review.

1. Wake Me Tonight- Wake Me Tonight is the lead single released. After being slightly disappointed with JYJ’s latest album, I never expected I would really fall in love with a song called “Wake Me Tonight”. The song has a beautiful arrangement which adds dimension to the song and the production is light years better than the material that they put out in “In Heaven” and significantly better than the production in “Just Us”. The song’s strong point would have to be the melody. The melody is so smooth and beautiful. A ballad version would be really awesome. The song’s arrangement drives on the fantastic melody. The fluttering piano gives a melancholic feeling to the song which is a contrast to the upbeat feeling of the drum beat set. The sprinkling of electric guitars help to break away the monotony and add to the depth of the song. The song may have a beautiful arrangement and melody, but there has to be enough confidence and emotion in the vocals. JYJ really blew it out of the park with their vocals which have improved significantly especially Yoochun. Conviction and confidence are really important for a song like this and JYJ nailed it.

2. Back Seat- Back Seat is a R&B tinged affair which was released as the lead single for their “Just Us” album. The japanese version lacks the smoothness which was present in the korean version due to the language difference. The song begins while having an ethereal quality during Yoochun’s narration. The Verses start off with R&B beats continuing to a chorus laden with piano lines.But, the chorus lacks some kick. The redeeming quality of the song would have to be the middle 8 where there is an inclusion of strings leading to a grandiose vocal performance by Junsu. Adding the electric guitar to the final chorus was a pretty neat idea as well. The song could have been tightened up a bit at the beginning, but Back Seat pales in comparison to Wake Me Tonight.

Score- Wake Me Tonight- 4.5/5 and Back Seat- 3.5/5
Total Score- 8/10

Overall, it was a decent single. Though Back Seat may not be the best track, Wake me tonight makes the single worthy enough to be decent.

Song Review- Kimi Wo Mamoritai By Romeo

I guess I had gotten busy with school, so I hadn’t been able to keep up with my blog. So, this marks my official return. Now to get to the review. Kimi Wo Mamoritai has a really exquisite and beautiful melody which is its major strength. The melody has a smooth and fleeting nature with dynamism. The arrangement provides a medium for that melody to exhibit its fleeting nature and the production quality is excellent. The vocals of Romeo play an important role in conveying the tone and emotions of the song. The melody is executed in a graceful manner with the chorus melody being a bit sonorous. The beautiful lone piano sets the tone at the beginning with slight beats joining with the vocals. The verses start out in a slow manner and slowly pick up pace. Finally, the vocals soar at the chorus. I must say the middle 8 is absolutely gorgeous. It has that emotional depth along with a change in the repetitive melody leading to the fleeting melody of the chorus. This song is definitely worth a listen and this calming ballad will definitely give us a moment of relaxation, so we can gear up ourselves to return to our daily lives.

Park Jung Min- Save Us Tonight Mini Album Review

The mini album breaks Jung Min’s long hiatus which lasted for about 2 years. This album is the antithesis of his previous Midnight Theatre album released by his alternate persona ROMEO. Midnight Theatre was filled with filled with plenty of guitar riffs and was dominated by dance tracks tinged with a rock flavor along with a few ballads. The album also showcased strong production by Jeff Miyahara who composed all the songs in the album. This album explores the happy and cute concept in contrast to the dark concept of his previous album. Though the album may not be as mind blowing as his previous albums, the album caters to the majority as it is easy to listen to some extent. Although the album may not be his best work as of yet, the album has it’s defining moments. Jung Min’s voice is definitely a pleasure to listen to. Please remember that I am reviewing the japanese version of the album. Now on to the review:-

1. Save Us Tonight- To sum it up, it’s a happy song and in a way, it is kinda generic. The guitar dominates throughout this track giving a acoustic feeling to the track. But as we listen to it many times, it becomes very interesting as we notice that the melodic verses are very nice showcasing Jung Min’s vocals. There is an attraction factor to the song which makes it fit to be the title track. The happy-go-lucky and jazzy nature of the song gives it a wider scope. The song is a winner if listened carefully and I do not have the heart to criticize a happy song like this as it’s so pleasant to listen to the song. The song has a hidden dynamism which separates it from most of the happy type songs and i enjoy it very much. This feel good track is surely a winner for me.

2. I Feel You-This track has the most dark feeling out of all the songs for some reason. This R&B flavored number is truly a winner for me, albeit a little repetitive. The song has a nice R&B beat going in the background and the verses start in a melodic and soulful manner. The song’s main strength lies in the delivery of the vocals. The smooth delivery of the vocals by Jung Min gives the song a relaxed and crystalline nature. The song is driven by the vocals with only a R&B beat in the background. The repetitive nature is the only irking factor about this song as it feels dragged out, but it is a strong track despite this single weakness.

3. Now- The track has the longest title written in Kanji. To me, This number is probably the best track in this album and is an instant winner on the basis of first listen. The song is dominated by an acoustic guitar similar to that of Save Us Tonight. The real distinguishing factor of this song is the melody and the song is very much unpredictable as the pre chorus and the chorus, which are the main highlights of the song, give a contrasting feeling and various elements combine together to produce a well polished track. The track’s execution also makes it all the more enjoyable as the instrumental is not very unique, but the melody and the vocal delivery gives us a track different than the others and assured in it’s delivery.

4. Two Of Us- This ballad is a fine one, but it may feel like an ordinary ballad to others. The track begins with Jung Min singing with his deep and rich vocals. The chorus of the song gives a heart wrenching feeling to the song. The song mainly shows Jung Min’s emphasis on emotions and the versatile nature of his voice. The song isn’t great like the previous tracks, but to me, this is better than the next track which is going to be reviewed. The song’s sincerity shines and touches the heart of the listener.

5. Feel It- The song gives a playful feeling and the song is tinged with rockish and electronic elements. The song is quite different from most of the songs, but it is kinda messy in it’s arrangement. To be honest, this song needs some listens to get used to. The vocals are all around the place giving a confused feeling. The song only gains some tempo by the second half of the song and the song’s first half makes everything very much confusing. The song’s use of various elements makes it look like an experimental track. The song has good melodic parts, but it just feels like a mash up of various elements. But, this makes it an interesting track and it is certainly unpredictable.

That’s it for my review of the album and the album gives a new dimension to Jung Min’s versatility. The album is interesting and really nice to listen to .

Album Review- Tree By Tohoshinki

After a rocky ride with Tohoshinki’s Time, tohoshinki have released their next album in japan. It can definitely be considered as a step up from their previous album.Now to begin the review.

1. I LOVE YOU(FULL VERSION)- The song is simple yet quite sweet and touching. The song starts with a gentle piano and the strings arise as the song progresses. The melody is sweet and heartfelt. Yunho’s and Changmin’s sincere vocals are shown here. The recording was definitely done without any processing and auto tune giving us an acoustic feeling. It’s definitely an amazing acoustic driven ballad composed by Katsuhiko Yamamoto.

2. CHAMPION- After a sweet ballad, we get this catchy electronic banger. This electro pop song is not bad, but it does have it’s flaws. We see Yunho’s rap and Changmin’s rap in the song. The song’s main flaw is that it’s too repetitive in a way and the composition is quite messy and heavy. The song is likable, but as much as i like tohoshinki, this song is a little too heavy. The vocals have been processed too. It may be a jam for others, but for me , this is my least favorite song in the album.

3. BREEDING POISON- This song is my jam. This is one awesome number. The beat and the vocals are tight. The song is cool with a nice beat and is pretty much addictive forgetting the english placed in between the song. This song makes up for champion and is not messy unlike the former. The rap by Yunho is pretty much suave. Changmin’s vocals shine pretty much here. The lines leading to the chorus and the chorus are the highlights of this song. The song’s only flaw is that it’s a little disjointed and there is not much of a smooth transition to the lines after the chorus, but it’s definitely an awesome song.

4. AI WO MOTTO- We get a nice ballad after two electropop songs. This song was composed by Yamamoto too. This song, rather than being sweet, is emotive. The song is very soothing to the ears and gives us a spring like feeling. There is not much to say about this song, but the song is a little repetitive and maybe a little boring for some, but it definitely works for me as their emotions are well expressed.

5. CHEERING- This song has that upbeat mood lifting capacity. The song starts off with a subdued guitar and drums, then the song explodes into a cheerful and exciting chorus. The song shows clean production which is expected as the song was composed by Shinjiroh Inoue who is tohoshinki’s regular composer. The song is pleasant and not too jarring. The song gives an upbeat rockish feeling and after listening to the song, it leaves us with a pleasant aftertaste in our mouth. The vocals express the feeling in a very positive way too.

6. SOMETHING- This dance jazz hybrid is one pretty catchy song. The song hits in a subtle, but a strong way. The song may hit on the face,but it definitely rocks. The big band sound and the throwback element is clearly seen. The lead track ‘something’ of tohoshinki’s korean tense album is definitely strong. The song is little weaker than the korean version as the song has been translated from korean to japanese. The crux of the song is definitely present. The song’s only weak point is Yunho’s dance break which is different from rest of the song,but Changmin’s dance break sets the song back on track. The song does rock and is tohoshinki’s best korean comeback too vocally and musically.

7. GOOD DAYS- The song starts with an acoustic guitar and the song builds up to a pretty much subtle chorus. The song is a ballad which builds on acoustics composed by Inoue. The song is pretty nice and a little dramatic,but fails to distinguish itself from any run of the mill ballads. The song is still quite good as it is one song which highlights the duo’s vocals. The song also carries a positive message similar to cheering. The song just stays there, but it is still an enjoyable listen.

8. HIDE AND SEEK- This intense rock song is refreshing and isn’t jarring at the least. The song begins with intense rock instrumentals with low pitched vocals leading to the grand and powerful chorus. The song has been arranged and produced in an awesome manner. Kudos to Inoue. The song just wakes you up after the calm ballad ‘good days’ and is maybe the most intense song in the album except scream. The verses are pretty well done and the song has a strong and gritty melody. The rock song definitely rocks a lot.

9. SHINJIRU MAMA- This song is my jam after breeding poison. The song starts out simple with clap beats and progresses into a song with an addictive beat. The song is definitely catchy and awesome. The raps are spot on and the beat is hot. This is my favorite song in the entire album. The song has a carefree and addictive chorus and the verses are pretty much melodic. This song is definitely a winner.

10. SCREAM- After shinjiru mama, we get a song filled with gothic touches and a horror based theme. This song is actually kinda weird and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Scream can give you a headache or make you scream in joy. It depends on your taste. This song is filled with guitar riffs and distorted synths. The chorus is definitely catchy and it pretty much rocks. The build up to the chorus is also well executed. The song’s flaws are clearly seen here too. The song basically lies on the jarring side and may not be enjoyable for everyone. The song does not have have a smooth transition and is too disjointed to fully appreciate the song. I enjoyed the song thoroughly, but it was a little jarring sometimes. The vocals definitely give a feeling of horror and power as they have been processed. I say that the mission is accomplished if they wanted the track to be like this.

11. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY- This song spells playful. The song reminds me of ‘thank you my girl’ from their tone album. The song maintains a jazzy vibe giving a partying like feeling in the chorus. The song starts low and then bursts in the chorus. The finger snaps provide a nice feeling to the song. These type of songs augur well with the duo’s vocals and the song is dominated by synths. The song is happy go lucky and pretty refreshing to hear after the terror which was scream. The song is lighthearted at the same time and turns a little rockish at the end.

12. OCEAN- This song is similar to tohoshinki’s summer songs like sky and summer dream of the past.This song was also composed by Inoue. The chant at the beginning of the song is pretty much funny. The song gives us a summery feeling and leaves you with a smile on your face. The vocals are spot on in this song. The song is pretty much repetitive and a nice one to listen in the summer, but it does not have tremendous potential. The song is pretty much safe without straying much from it’s feel. It’s catchy and has good replay value, but that’s it.

13. TREE OF LIFE- After a series of up tempos, we get a nice and relaxing ballad. The song calms your heart and makes you feel happy. The song is better than In Our Time from the Time album which wanted to emphasize on it’s ‘la la la’ and turned out to be a bore. This song , on the other hand, explores the vocal maturity of the duo. The harmonies and the strings in the song give a nice feeling and leaves us happy. I must admit that the duo’s scream during the latter half of the song moved me the most. The song may be boring for some, but it definitely heals your heart and shows the growth of the tree signified as tohoshinki . They could not have chosen a better song to show their vocal growth. The serene and natural atmosphere makes one think he is in a place filled with nature. The verses strike a chord in your heart leaving a nice feeling at the end despite the long length of the song.

14. GOOD BYE FOR NOW- This song is the most happy go lucky song of the duo. The song has a nice melody and is dominated by acoustics. The song reminds me of the ballad ‘ one and only one’ for some reason. The vocals emphasize a laid back feeling and a playful feeling. The song shows the harmonious blending of the duo’s voices. These songs suit the duo very well and i can’t criticize the song in any way or else it will be a crime. The song is nice and lovely. This acoustic driven upbeat track is really pleasant to the ears.


15. VERY MERRY XMAS- The song pretty much spells christmas. The song has a nice and sweet melody even though it is a bit childish. The song was not actually on par with their last winter single ‘winter rose’. The build up to the chorus was pretty much nice, but the chorus was a bit bland to some extent. Yunho shined in the song more than changmin. Yunho’s lines were actually pretty good and melodic though changmin’s lines were good too. The message of christmas was clearly expressed and it was a peaceful song.